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We partner with businesses to bring out the awesome, in people, products and services. Humanist is a product and innovation strategy practice with a focus on partnering with you to build digital products people want and brands they love. We’d love to hear about your product or project and help you make it awesome.
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Every project is different. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all processes. We develop the right mix of services and strategy for your project.

User Research

Understanding the behaviors, needs and goals of your customers. From user interviews and needs-finding to usability testing.


Evaluating performance and guiding empirical data driven decisions. From event tracking to building funnels to A/B testing.


Developing a foundation for transforming knowledge into a tangible reality through a prioritized set of actionable—and testable—steps.

User and Customer Experience Design

Aligning business goals with customer needs to develop easy to use products and services that people need and want.


Creating a personality for your product or service that customers can relate to, adding to their experience and the value you bring.


Building prototypes and proof of concepts to show measurable results and scaling into a go-to-market product.

Workshops, Training and Coaching

Working with your team, using our expertise and your industry knowledge to co-develop design and strategy. Coaching your team, to level-up your staff.
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Build a strategic vision with you, developing a roadmap to bring your product or service to life—and to market.


Design and build tests and prototypes to drive evidence-based learning—leading to the creation of your product or service.


Learn what works, and what customers want, through a quantitative and qualitative data.


Iterate design, recalibrate plans and reprioritize what to build, by analyzing what was learned.


Coach your team and provide workshops to leverage your existing team in product development and innovation.
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Humans First

Enable the awesome in everyone—from the people that use your products and services to the people in your company to—well, you. That’s why we always start with people, plan everything around people, and sweat the details.

Holistic View

Unite experience, brand and technology. Success requires working across disciplines all the way through the process. If we see a silo, we tear it down.

Science Rules

Never guess when you can test. Move fast while decreasing risk through the empirical. We use research, validation and data to learn what customers need and want.

Work Smarter

Superpowers for everyone. Since we value humans, we believe in enabling them to do their best. That’s why we work in cross-functional teams that are highly collaborative and agile—enabling us to bring out the best in our team and yours.