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The Challenge

The founding team of this Broadway Video Ventures backed startup needed help turning their vision into a product. The business lead was well versed in the needs of potential users of the two-sided video marketplace the team sought to launch, but they needed help putting some of the pieces together, gaining shared understanding, forming a product development strategy and developing a solid product design to bring it all together.

The Solution

After gaining a solid understanding of their vision, personas were generated to help solidify who users were as well as identify their needs and goals; this helped the team gain shared understanding. To help scope the project, Humanist led a workshop which included user story mapping—creating user journeys of video content creators and buyers and mapping potential features to each task. Humanist then worked with the team to prioritize and edit features. High-level information architecture was provided to visualize the system as a whole, followed by wireframes and the product’s initial visual design. The final web application design included aspects of social media, community, commerce and gamification.

Quickframe Wireframe
The Outcome

In a short time, we were able to deliver a product design to meet the client’s launch schedule and delight users.

They built a product that was super usable from an enterprise perspective.
Lucas Loeffler, CEO, Quickframe

Quickframe homepage

The Impact

Asked if he could share evidence that demonstrates the impact of Humanist’s work, the CEO replied:

I think the single largest validation for us was the client feedback. We went on to launch the product and continued to increase not just the aggregate number of customers, but the actual order value of those individual customers. Obviously, the product is the single largest indicator of that success. That was one really good piece of validation.
Lucas Loeffler, CEO, Quickframe

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